Roller bearing adapters are offered for a multitude of applications: 100,110, and 125 ton. 6×11, 6.5×12, 6.5×9, and 7×12 Standard, Hardened Crown, and Hardened Crown and Shoulder.

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Adapter for Adapter Plus Pad, 1771 6-1/2 x 9100501Plus Adapter 6-1/2 x 9 Adapter
Adapter Plus Pad, 10601 Green100500Adapter Green Plus Pad (Motion Control Truck)
Roller Bearing Adapter100508Roller Bearing 6-1/2 x 12 H/C&S Adapter (New)
Roller Bearing Adapter100509Roller Bearing 6-1/2 x 12 H/C Adapter (New)
Roller Bearing Adapter100511Roller Bearing 6-1/2 x 12 Standard Adapter (New)
Roller Bearing Adapter100512Roller Bearing 6 x 11 H/C&S Adapter (New) (Special Order)
Roller Bearing Adapter100513Roller Bearing 6 x 11 H/C Adapter (New) (Special Order)
Roller Bearing Adapter100515Roller Bearing 6 x 11 Standard Adapter (New)
Roller Bearing Adapter100518Roller Bearing 7 x 12 Standard Adapter (New)
Roller Bearing Adapter100666Roller Bearing 6-1/2 x 9 Standard Adapter (New)
Roller Bearing Adapter100667Roller Bearing 6-1/2 x 9 H/C&S Adapter (New)

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