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Comet's RSM is with you each step of the way.

From failure notification through issue resolution, monitor your AEI network with RSM.

Monitors Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) sites

System health at a glance

Issue ticket tracking web application available or use RSM with your ticketing software

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System Health Monitoring

Custom Notifications

Issue Assignment & Tracking

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From the North American leader in AEI systems comes the software application to track your entire AEI network. RSM is a web-based application that provides real time monitoring of your sites in a map or list view. When a site logs a minor or critical error an issue ticket is automatically created in the RSM ticketing system and user(s) are notified via custom sms and/or email notifications. Use RSM with your ticketing software or use Comet’s ticketing web application. Assign tickets to technicians automatically or manually. Track the status of the fix from troubleshooting through resolution. View a comprehensive issue history for each site in your network. Schedule a consultation with our sales team to learn more about why RSM is the ideal companion software for your AEI network.

What does RSM monitor?

Remote Site Monitor (RSM) monitors the health of your Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) sites. There is no limit to the number of AEI sites that can be tracked with RSM, making it the ideal software for tracking your entire network of sites.

Are issue tickets created automatically?

Yes, when a minor or critical issue is discovered at a site an issue ticket is automatically created in RSM with the details of the issue. Simultaneously an issue notification SMS and/or email is automatically sent.

How may issue notifications be customized?

Administrators may select which users get notified when an AEI site issue is flagged. Users may be notified by SMS and/or email.

What site views are available in RSM?

Sites may be viewed with a map or list view. Map view sites labeled by site name and are color coded by health status.

What ticket views are available in RSM?

There’s an All Tickets view and a My Tickets view. The My Tickets view only shows the tickets assigned to the logged in User.

RSM provides system health at a glance and sends customizable alert notifications when site hardware fails.

Remote Site Monitor

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