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Celebrating 60 Years Of Legendary Dedication To Rail

2023 marks our 60th year in business. In 1963 we started out as installation and service providers for the KC area’s railroad microwave communications network. Much has changed since then, but what remains core is our dedication to rail.

  • Dedication to customer service.
  • Dedication to conserving resources.
  • Dedication to solving customer problems.
  • Dedication to growing the rail industry.


Comet is an experienced and comprehensive supplier of new and reconditioned freight car parts. Our M-214 reconditioning shop and extensive 7-acre core inventory services all truck casting needs while helping customers meet their sustainability goals.

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Comet is the industry leader in Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) equipment and systems for rail car identification. We deliver standard and custom AEI solutions and full service technical support for industry leading up time. RailRSM is our AEI companion software that monitors AEI network health and notifies customers when technical issues arise.

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2405 Nicholson Avenue
Kansas City MO 64120

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