RailNet AEI Systems transmit car data that helps power railway logistics, compliance & billing

Trusted at nearly 5,000 sites, Comet’s AEI tracks approximately 70% of the rail lines in North America.

Available in single or double track configurations and capable of handling trains operating at full track speeds.

Compliant with all AAR AEI standards and specifications (S-9203, S-9203A, S-9203B and RP-9203)

Integrates with critical safety devices: HBD’s and machine vision sites. 

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Car ID Number

Speed 0-150 mph

Length & Axle Count



Wayside health & diagnostics with RSM

Monitor your RailNet network with RSM. When issues arise, RSM alerts you and your team.

Site information and health

System status map

Email & SMS notifications when issues flag

Site issue tracking

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Comet's AEI Systems are legendary for their durability. When repairs are needed, we stock all system components.

System documentation details installation steps. Contract maintenance plans also available.

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