Reconditioning Services

Comet Rail offers reconditioning services that adhere to AAR standards and recommended best practices. Our Reconditioning facility offers reconditioning services using M-1003 and M-214 standards for our reconditioned goods. Secondhand bolsters and frames are scrutinized by our qualified personnel determining whether or not material can move forward to the reconditioning process or become scrap. Our Reconditioning facility is subject to checks by AAR representatives to insure our compliance with AAR rules and regulations. Our multi-bay facility is capable of producing a truckload of bolsters or sideframes a day with the ability to ramp up productions schedules to meet your needs. Comet’s weld facility is also equipped to service locomotive parts such as Locomotive Draft Gears. The repair procedures utilized will insure your draft gears come out in like new condition! Our AAR certified facility is also conveniently located in the central US (Kansas City, Missouri) near Class 1 railroads to reduce freight costs and expedite service.

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2405 Nicholson Avenue
Kansas City MO 64120