Comet RailNet AEI Reader Systems

Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) Systems

Comet Electronics LLC, the leading provider of Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) equipment, produces the RailNet AEI Reader System. With an install base of nearly 5,000 AEI sites, RailNet AEI Reader Systems are the industry standard for Class I and regional railroad AEI applications throughout North America.

Comet’s RailNet AEI Reader System is designed to comply with the AAR  Standard (S-9203, S-9203A, S-9203B and RP-9203) for Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) and is available in single or double track configurations and is capable of handling trains operating at full track speeds. The standard equipment configuration includes a 4’ x 6’ hut with standby power and lightning protection.

The standard AEI tag reader system can handle up to four separate host sessions. This means that the system can transmit AEI “clean consist” data in up to four different formats to four separate host locations. This feature allows railroads to share AEI data where necessary and still receive data in their standard format. In addition, the system supports a maintenance reporting session for each consist reporting session.

The RailNet AEI Reader Systems uses AEI to identify rail cars by reading electronically coded radio frequency identification tags (RFID Tags, also known as AEI tags) mounted to locomotives, railcars, trailers, end-of-train units (EOT) and intermodal containers. AEI Reader systems provide automated tracking of railcars and shipments via RFID tags, and make shipment location information available to railroads and their customers.

RailNet AEI integrates with critical safety infrastructure such as Hot Box Detectors (HBD’s) and Machine Vision Sites.

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    • 0 to 150 mph operation
    • Largest installed base of systems with over 5,000 sites nationwide, as well as Canada and Mexico
    • Single and double track configurations
    • Handles train stopping and reverse movements
    • Over 30 years of proven performance
    • Original hardware software design team for the APU-102 AEI System Controller in house
    • Integrated electrical surge protection for increased reliability
    • Extensive support with detailed documentation, training, and repair facilities
    • Remote diagnostics and software code loading
    • Field upgradeable processor unit prevents system obsolescence
    • All AEI Systems comply with the Association of American Railroads (AAR) AEI specification (S-9203, S-9203A, S-9203B and RP-9203)
    • All AEI Reader systems comply with the industry standard (S-9203, S-9203A, S-9203B and RP-9203) AEI Common Data Format Specification for site to host communications

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