Forged from special bar quality steel, offering a variety of sizes.

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3" Throat Clevis1011033″ Throat Clevis
6" Throat Clevis1011046″ Throat LH Twist Clevis
Clevis100597Brake Chain Straight Throat 4-1/2″ Clevis
Clevis100598Brake Chain Straight Throat 4-5/16″ Clevis
Clevis100599Brake Chain Straight Throat 6″ Clevis
Clevis1006439″ Clevis
Clevis10064814″ Throat Clevis
Clevis10064916″ Throat Clevis
Clevis100854Brake Chain 2-1/2″ Clevis
Clevis - 1121101577Clevis – 1121
WABCOPAC Clevis101102RI/H WABCOPAC Clevis (New) (Order Only)

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