RailNet AEI Maintenance II Advanced Training Certification

Course Syllabus

Course Prerequisites

  • Electronic Technician with good understanding of personal computers and MS-DOS operating system.
  • AEI Maintenance I Training Course
  • Course limited to 10 Students

Customer Supplied items required for training course

  • Notebook Computer with serial port (or USB adapter), modem, and wired LAN or Wi-Fi for each student.
  • 6 foot DB9 to DB25 RS232 Cable with Null Adapter
  • Communications Software (Procomm, TeraTerm, HyperTerminal, etc.)
  • Conference Room.
  • VGA Projector
  • White Board
  • APU 102 (s)
  • 24 VDC Power Supply

Entire Course will be held in Classroom

  • Orientation
  • Distribute Handouts
  • Current Code Disk
  • FTP server
  • Discuss class objectives

Review and setup

  • Laptop Connections and Setup
  • Communications Software Setup

Main Course Topics

APU Startup ROM, Ver 5.0+, ROMSHELL, NetMRS

APU-102 System File Structure

  • A:
  • Paths
  • Default paths
  • F.BAT, run once

APU-102 Main and System Menus

APU-102 Editing Parameters

  • Session Parameters
  • Acquisition Parameters
  • Port Parameters, local, modem, network
  • Disk Manager Parameters
  • Time Zone Control Parameters
  • System Diagnostic Parameters
  • Uploading Parameters
  • Downloading Parameters.
  • Backup Parameters

Special files used on APU

  • Site specific custom configuration (i.e. VIO.CFG)
  • RR specific reporting files
    • Headers/Trailers
    • Access Scripts
    • S918/T94 Report configurations
  • Special purpose flag files

APU-102 Diagnostics

  • Lecture on APU-102 commands used for diagnosing hardware failures

Train Related Diagnostics

  • Lecture describing how to diagnose consists to identify hardware problems and what action needs to be taken to correct problem.

APU-102 Software Installation

  • Upgrading APU-102 software. (AEI Application is running)
  • Installing APU-102 software to APU in Romshell (DOS based systems only)

Lab session:

  • Upgrading APU-102 software using Local connection.
  • Upgrading APU-102 software using modem.
  • Upgrading APU-102 software using network connection.
  • File transfers with FTP
  • File transfers with WinSCP

Question and Answer Session

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