Comet Reconditioning Services

Comet Rail Products refurbishes freight car rolling stock at its AAR M-1003 certified facility in Kansas City.

We refurbish up to 60 side frames (pictured above) and bolsters (below) per day. We also recondition locomotive draft gears & Wabco brake beams.

We thoroughly inspect each product on AAR criteria prior to reconditioning.We replace gibs, liners, wear plates and bowls, as well as refurbish all worn surfaces.

We give them a fresh coat of paint, and they’re ready to go back on the track for a number of years.

Refurbishing allows our customers to unlock the full shelf life of their rail products, saving them money and reducing consumption.

Reconditioning Services
Bolster and Sideframe Reconditioning
Locomotive Draft Gear Reconditioning
Wabco Brake Beam Reconditioning

We can refurbish your stock or sell you refurbished stock that we’ve procured.

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