OCR Services

OCR Services

Comet has developed sophisticated digital imaging and automated gate system technology for ports and intermodal terminals around the world. With a thorough understanding of port and terminal operating environments, Comet OCR Services is confident in its ability to provide the expertise and support required to provide port and intermodal customers with top performance and the system uptime.


OCR & Imaging Systems

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services provides products and technology to keep our customers OCR imaging systems running optimally and at a high uptime. Our imaging team has over 30 years of experience with In/Out Gate operations and Quay Crane OCR Identification Systems.

  • High resolution image inspection systems
  • Support For:
    • Marine Ports
    • Truck/Intermodal Terminals
    • Cross Docking
    • Rail Terminals
    • Security & LPR
    • & More
  • Multiple mounting and installation options
    • K-Rail
    • Direct Burial
    • Counter balanced/weighted masts
  • Full service support team

Lane OCR

Improve operations with higher OCR rates and auto gate capabilities that interface with any Terminal Operating System.

  • Easy installation & maintenance with all presence and triggering devices
  • Comet’s Remote System Monitoring gives continuous system diagnostics with 24/7 remote monitoring


OCR System

Lane OCR Video

Systems Maintenance & Performance Monitoring

Our Maintenance Programs are designed to work utilizing our personnel for both in-house and on-site services. In addition Comet OCR Services works with approved service providers or local customer staff to augment on-site support services.

For manual monitoring our maintenance technicians access systems remotely and verify key status indicators for the systems availability and performance operation. If applicable, the technicians utilize remote capabilities to diagnose the cause of the error or deficiency and take appropriate action.

For automated monitoring status, messages are sent directly to the Comet Remote Site Monitor (RSM) solution. RSM is a system that facilitates the management and maintenance of remote customer computer systems. RSM receives maintenance reports to form a picture of the general health of a particular system or network system in real time.

The primary uses of the RSM are:

  • System health monitoring
  • Issue tracking
  • Assignment of issue handling to the appropriate technicians
  • Issue resolution

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