Railert ATR System

The Railert Automatic Tag Reader(ATR) System bridges the gap between a hand-held data recorder and the traditional full featured AEI system.

Some of the difficulties normally faced with a AEI systems are:

  • Collecting tag data with a hand-held reader is overhead intensive
  • Purchasing a traditional AEI system can be expensive
  • Traditional AEI systems can provide more functionality than needed

Until now! The Railert ATR is designed to offer a simplified, lower cost option over previous offerings.

Railert ATR is a single-antenna unit with modular components mounted inside a NEMA 4 box. The modular design makes installation and repairs fast and easy. The NEMA 4 box also eliminates the need for expensive shelters. Each unit is fully assembled and tested directly in  house prior to shipment. As an additional cost savings benefit, the Railert ATR is now configured to be installed by you! Contact us for details and pricing.

The system accurately capture data at infrequent intervals regardless of weather, from radio frequency (RF) tags mounted on locomotives traveling up to 30mph.  Reports are generated instantly and delivery via email.

Easy to buy, simple to operate with minimal maintenance are just a few of the benefits of purchasing the system.  The system is provided to you from one of the most trusted names in rail communication; Comet Electronics.

Note: The Railert ATR does not report the presence of non-tagged cars and therefore it is not meant for use where an AAR S-918 compliant AEI system is required.

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