Locomotive Couplers

Locomotive Couplers

Locomotive Couplers

Locomotive couplers are designed to provide a secure connection between locomotives and railcars. Our locomotive couplers are built to withstand the demanding conditions of heavy-duty operations, offering exceptional strength and reliability. With a variety of options available, we can meet the specific needs of any locomotive fleet.

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BE108BE3, New Locomotive Coupler100751Locomotive BE108BE3 Type “E” Coupler (Complete)
BE4881 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101985Locomotive BE4881 HT Coupler (Reconditioned)
BE522, Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101976Locomotive BE522 Non-Alignment Coupler (Reconditioned)
BF-10 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101989Locomotive BF-10-AE Coupler (Reconditioned)
E4881 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101988Locomotive E4881 AE HT Non-Alignment Coupler (Reconditioned)
E4888/E172 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101983Locomotive E4888 & E172 Complete Coupler (Reconditioned)
E4936, E8311, E8306 & BE108 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101995Locomotive E4936, E8311, E8306 & BE108 Alignment Coupler (Reconditioned)
E7304 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101982Locomotive E7304 Coupler (Reconditioned)
E7321 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101974Locomotive E7321 E Coupler (Reconditioned)
E7327 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101984Locomotive E7327 E & C Non-Alignment Coupler (Reconditioned)
E8305 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101975Locomotive E8305 Alignment Coupler (Reconditioned)
E8316 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101998Locomotive E8316 AE Alignment Coupler (Reconditioned)
F8301 Locomotive Coupler101990Locomotive F8301 E Coupler (Reconditioned)
F8306E Locomotive Coupler100171Locomotive F8306 E Coupler (Reconditioned)
F8513AE Locomotive Coupler100172Locomotive F8513 AE Coupler (Reconditioned)
S474 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101986Locomotive S474 HTE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SBE-108 Locomotive Coupler100173Locomotive SBE-108-AE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SBE4936 Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101999Locomotive SBE4936 AE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SE7HT, Reconditioned Locomotive Coupler101977Locomotive SE7HT Coupler (Reconditioned)

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