E60CE/DE/EE Coupler Body

Freight Couplers

Our freight couplers are designed to provide secure and efficient connections between railcars. Built to withstand the rigorous demands of freight transportation, they are manufactured to meet or exceed AAR standards for strength and durability.

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E60CE/DE/EE Coupler Body100118E60CE E60DE & E60EE Coupler (Reconditioned)
E67CE Coupler Body100121E67CE Coupler (Reconditioned)
E68CE Coupler Body100124E68CE Coupler (Reconditioned)
E69AE/BE/CE Coupler Body100127E69AE BE & CE Coupler (Reconditioned)
EF511AE, BE, CE & WE Reconditioned Coupler100164Coupler, EF511AE, BE, CE & WE (Reconditioned)
EF528 Coupler Body100184EF528 Body Coupler (Reconditioned)
EF60BWE/EF603 Coupler Body100115EF60BWE/EF603 Coupler (Reconditioned)
F70CE Coupler Body100130F70CE Coupler (Reconditioned)
FR-205 Reconditioned Coupler102081Rotary FR-205 Coupler (Reconditioned)
FR-304 Reconditioned Coupler102083Rotary FR-304 Coupler (Reconditioned)
SBE60DE/DE/EE Coupler Body100136SBE60CE SBE60DE & SBE60EE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SBE67CE/DE Coupler Body100139SBE67CE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SBE68CE/DE Coupler Body100142SBE68CE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SBE69AE/BE/CE Coupler Body100145SBE69AE BE & CE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SE60CE/DE/EE Coupler Body100148SE60CE SE60DE & SE60EE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SE67CE Coupler Body100151SE67CE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SE68CE/DE Coupler Body100120SE68CE SE68DE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SE69AE Coupler Body100157SE69AE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SF70CE Coupler Body100160SF70CE Coupler (Reconditioned)
SF79CE Coupler Body100163SF79CE COUPLER (Reconditioned)

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