Truck and body brake levers are forged from high quality special bar to produce minimum pin hole ware, and longer service life.

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Handbrake Shaft 35"100982Handbrake 35″ Shaft
Truck Lever100592Truck 5″ x 10″ Offset 1-1/8″ Dia. Holes Lever
Truck Lever100593Truck 7″ x 14″ Offset Lever
Truck Lever100594Truck 8″ x 14″ Straight Lever
Truck lever100595Truck 7″ x 14″ Straight Lever
Truck Lever100596Truck 8″ x 16″ Straight Lever
Truck Lever100661Truck 8″ x 14″ Bent Lever (Special Order)
Truck Lever101093Brake 573921 Lever (New)
Truck Lever102032Truck 5″ x 10″ Straight 1-1/8″ Holes Lever

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