Air Brakes

Air Brakes

Air brakes are engineered to deliver reliable and consistent braking performance in a wide range of railway applications. Designed to meet or exceed AAR standards, our air brakes are manufactured with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability. With their advanced design features and precise control, they provide enhanced safety and efficiency for rail operators.

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#8 Vent Valve Protector102063#8 Vent Valve Protector (Metal)
#8 Vent Valve Reconditioned102066#8 Vent Valve (Reconditioned)
3 Position Retainer w/ Bracket, Metal1006333 Position w/Bracket Metal Retainer
3 Position Retainer w/ Bracket, Plastic1006343 Position w/ Bracket Plastic Retainer
ABDX Emergency Portion, Reconditioned101042ABDX Emergency Valve (Reconditioned)
ABDX Service Portion, Reconditioned101041ABDX Service Valve (Reconditioned)
ABDX-L Reconditioned EmergencyPortion102048ABDX-L Emergency Valve (Reconditioned)
Air Brake Hose101062Assembly 3/4″ x 31.00″ OAL WABCOPAC Hose (New)
Air Brake Hose101063Assembly 3/4″ x 30.19″ OAL WABCOPAC ST FL 661022 Hose
Air Brake Hose101065Assembly 59.25″ OAL Cushion Underframe Hose (New)
Angle Cock, 1-1/4", RH1003211-1/4″ RH Angle Cock
DB-10 Service Valve101044DB-10 Service Valve (Reconditioned)
DB-20 Emergency Valve101047DB-20 Emergency Valve (Outright Reconditioned)
DB-20L Reconditioned Emergency Portion102050DB-20L Emergency Valve (Reconditioned)
Deep Socket Weld Fitting101120Deep Socket Weld 3/4″ Straight Fitting (Special Order)
Dirt Collector Cut Out Cock100317Dirt Collector Cut Out Cock
Left Hand End Cock100319LH End Cock (Special Order)
Right Hand End Cock100318RH End Cock (Special Order)
Split Flange101156Spilt 1″ Flange
Split Flange101158Spilt 1-1/4″ Flange
Tee Fitting101142Tee 575955 Fitting (Special Order)
Train Line Hose Extension101091AAR Hose S-4013 587087 Adapter
Trainline Hose101147Train Line 1-3/8″ x 22″ Hose
Trainline Hose101148Train Line 1-3/8″ x 33″ Hose
Trainline Hose10156022″ Train Line with Straight Glad Hand 781668 Hose
Vent Protector, Plastic101040Vent Protector (Plastic)

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