Air Brakes

Air Brakes

Air brakes are engineered to deliver reliable and consistent braking performance in a wide range of railway applications. Designed to meet or exceed AAR standards, our air brakes are manufactured with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability. With their advanced design features and precise control, they provide enhanced safety and efficiency for rail operators.

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#8 Vent Valve Protector102063#8 Vent Valve Protector (Metal)
#8 Vent Valve Reconditioned102066#8 Vent Valve (Reconditioned)
3 Position Retainer w/ Bracket, Metal1006333 Position w/Bracket Metal Retainer
3 Position Retainer w/ Bracket, Plastic1006343 Position w/ Bracket Plastic Retainer
ABDX Emergency Portion, Reconditioned101042ABDX Emergency Valve (Reconditioned)
ABDX Service Portion, Reconditioned101041ABDX Service Valve (Reconditioned)
ABDX-L Reconditioned EmergencyPortion102048ABDX-L Emergency Valve (Reconditioned)
Air Brake Hose101062Assembly 3/4″ x 31.00″ OAL WABCOPAC Hose (New)
Air Brake Hose101063Assembly 3/4″ x 30.19″ OAL WABCOPAC ST FL 661022 Hose
Air Brake Hose101065Assembly 59.25″ OAL Cushion Underframe Hose (New)
Air Brake Hose101070Assembly 25.00″ OAL Cushion Underframe Hose (New) (Special Order)
Angle Cock, 1-1/4", RH1003211-1/4″ RH Angle Cock
DB-10 Service Valve101044DB-10 Service Valve (Reconditioned)
DB-20 Emergency Valve101047DB-20 Emergency Valve (Outright Reconditioned)
DB-20L Reconditioned Emergency Portion102050DB-20L Emergency Valve (Reconditioned)
Deep Socket Weld Fitting1011191-1/4″ Straight Deep Socket Weld 578790 Fitting (Special Order)
Deep Socket Weld Fitting101120Deep Socket Weld 3/4″ Straight Fitting (Special Order)
Dirt Collector Cut Out Cock100317Dirt Collector Cut Out Cock
Elbow Socket Weld Fitting101125Elbow Socket Weld 3/4″ 578321 Fitting (Special Order)
Left Hand End Cock100319LH End Cock (Special Order)
Right Hand End Cock100318RH End Cock (Special Order)
Split Flange101156Spilt 1″ Flange
Split Flange101158Spilt 1-1/4″ Flange
Tee Fitting101142Tee 575955 Fitting (Special Order)
Train Line Hose Extension101091AAR Hose S-4013 587087 Adapter
Trainline Hose101147Train Line 1-3/8″ x 22″ Hose
Trainline Hose101148Train Line 1-3/8″ x 33″ Hose
Trainline Hose10156022″ Train Line with Straight Glad Hand 781668 Hose
Vent Protector, Plastic101040Vent Protector (Plastic)

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