Comet's AEI Systems transmit car data that helps power railway logistics, compliance & billing

Trusted at nearly 5,000 sites, Comet’s AEI tracks approximately 70% of the rail lines in North America.

Available in single or double track configurations and capable of handling trains operating at full track speeds.

Compliant with all AAR AEI standards and specifications (S-9203, S-9203A, S-9203B and RP-9203)

Don’t need a full featured AEI System but still need to read tags? Learn more about Comet’s ATR System, a self-installed low cost alternative to AEI.

Car ID Number

Speed 0-150 mph

Length & Axel Count


COMET ELECTRONICS, INC produces the RailNet AEI Reader System. With an install base of nearly 5,000 AEI sites, RailNet AEI Reader Systems are the industry standard for Class I and regional railroad AEI applications throughout North America.

Comet’s RailNet AEI Reader System is designed to comply with the AAR Standard (S-9203, S-9203A, S-9203B and RP-9203) for Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) and is available in single or double track configurations and is capable of handling trains operating at full track speeds. The standard equipment configuration includes a 4’ x 6’ hut with standby power and lightning protection.

The standard system can handle up to four separate host sessions. This means that the system can transmit AEI “clean consist” data in up to four different formats to four separate host locations. This feature allows railroads to share AEI data where necessary and still receive data in their standard format. In addition, the system supports a maintenance reporting session for each consist reporting session.

The RailNet AEI Reader Systems uses AEI to identify rail equipment by reading electronically coded radio frequency (RF) identification tags mounted to locomotives, railcars, trailers, end-of-train units (EOT) and intermodal containers. AEI Reader systems provide automated tracking of railcars and shipments via RF tags, and make shipment location information available to railroads and their customers.

Comet AEI has the highest proven up time in the industry. Remote Site Monitoring provides system health at a glance and sends an alert notification whenever site hardware fails.

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Remote Site Monitor

  • System health at a glance
  • Email and/or SMS notifications alerts when issues are flagged
  • Issue tracking and resolution
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Electronic Installation Services by Comet Industries

Repair/Install Services

Comet offers maintenance programs with yearly contracts that will keep your site running year round.

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Field Service Calls
  • Phone support
  • System Monitoring
  • Bench Repairs
  • Documentation of site visit
  • Maintenance plan description
  • As Needed (Emergency Visits)

OCR Services

Comet has developed sophisticated digital imaging and automated gate system technology for ports and intermodal terminals around the world. With a thorough understanding of port and terminal operating environments, Comet OCR Services is confident in its ability to provide the expertise and support required to provide port and intermodal customers with top performance and system uptime.

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Comet's AEI Systems are legendary for their durability. When repairs are needed, we stock all system components.

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