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Comet Rail Products, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of new and reconditioned freight car parts. We can provide you with the technical service, product quality, quick delivery, and overall value to keep your company competitive and profitable. Our highly experienced staff monitors the salvage market to maintain availability on the common and most difficult to find interchange numbers. With more than seven acres of electronically catalogued core material, we can immediately determine truck/car sets to complete your repair job. With our extensive inventory of new & reconditioned freight car parts, we can eliminate multiple shipments and provide a one-stop solution.

Our AAR M-1003 certified facility is also conveniently located in the central US (Kansas City, Missouri) to reduce freight costs and expedite delivery service. We are pleased to offer the following services and products for the Rail Industry:

New & Reconditioned Freight Car PartsBolster and Sideframe Reconditioning | Locomotive draft gear Reconditioning |Wabco Brake beam Reconditioning | Locomotive couplers and pockets | Calibration Services

Rail Products by Comet Industries

Rail Parts

Offering a broad selection of freight car parts. Comet Rail Products, Inc. can replace managing several vendors by being a single source provider for your repair needs. Material quantities available to meet single car projects or large projects – no need to carry excess inventory. Don’t worry if the part you need is not on the product list, we can also research and locate special order items to fulfill your needs. Our experienced staff can help you identify part matches in accordance with repair manuals.

Check our Rail Products Catalog for a full listing of parts in these categories:

  • Truck components
  • Coupling system
  • Couplers (new and reconditioned)
  • Air System Components
  • Brake components and shoes
  • Locomotive coupling

Reconditioning Services

Comet Rail Products, Inc. offers reconditioning services that adhere to AAR MSRP standards and manufacturing recommended best practices. Our Production facility reconditions to AAR M-214 standards and maintenance manuals for our reconditioned goods. Secondhand bolsters and frames material are scrutinized by our qualified personnel determining acceptability to forward into reconditioning process or become scrap. Our Production facility and reconditioning process is subject to checks by AAR representatives to insure our compliance with AAR rules and regulations.

Our multi-bay facility is capable of producing bolsters or sideframes by the truckload or to meet quick turnaround emergency needs. With flexible production schedules, we work short and long lead times on your single car or large projects.  Comet’s Production facility is also equipped to service Wabco Brake beams and Locomotive Draft Gears. The repair procedures utilized will insure your draft gears come out in like new condition.


Gauge Calibration

Our facility provides in-house gauge calibration services to help keep your verification equipment in service. Calibration services includes a certificate delivered with the gauges or equipment serviced (electronic certificate delivery also available). Gauge calibration is performed to include traceability to the NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology). Our service includes due date tracking in our electronic database to help you keep equipment in a state of readiness. Our calibration and repair capabilities include but is not limited to:

  • Torque wrench calibration up to 1000′
  • Caliper/ Verniers /Dial Indicator calibration
  • Welding machine calibration
  • Wire feeder calibration
  • Air pressure gauge calibration
  • A.A.R. M-214 gauging (Bolster/Side Frame reconditioning gauging)
  • A.A.R. Rule 1 gauging (Field Manual repair track gauges)
New and Reconditioned Rail Products

Comet can immediately tell you whether or not a required part is in stock or needs to be ordered. For fastest delivery on all orders, we locate the closest retail distributor to you and drop ship from the nearest location to your facility.  We can find your part with a simple key-stroke and in many cases can ship it in 48 hours or sooner!

Our repair facility has greatly expanded storage and production capacity, so your order can also be processed quickly and efficiently. Comet can provide the following list of items as well as other rail car parts:

  • Side frames
  • Bolsters
  • Axles
  • Couplers
  • Hand brakes
  • Yokes
  • Draft gears
  • Wabco beams

AAR Certified

Comet Industries is proud to showcase our Association of American Railroads Certification. The AAR is committed to keeping America’s railways safe and efficient and they believe in rewarding companies who support this mission.  Comet Industries continues to strive to give our customers the best service possible by maintaining the highest quality standards.  Comet has a comprehensive quality assurance system that is observed and managed by certified quality professionals. Our service facility meets Facilities Quality Assurance Certification standards set by AAR specification M-1003 and M214.


Rail Products Catalog

Curious how Comet Rail Products can serve your business? Check out our latest products for all of your Rail and Transportation needs.

Rail Car Parts Catalog

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