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Comet Communications and Signal

Comet Communication and Signal, Inc provides contract services for railroads across The United States with main offices in Kansas City Missouri.  Contract services include, Radio shop service repair, Field support for microwave communications, Wi-Fi implementation and maintenance for wi-fi enabled and locomotive uses, Centralized Traffic Control Communications backhaul, Automatic Equipment Identifiers (AEI), Office and data network support i, as well as Camera system diagnostics and various radio links.

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Maintenance and Installation Services

Comet has established a reputation as a high quality systems installation contractor. We offer the following services:

  • Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) reader sites
  • Intermodal Yard Automatic Gate Systems
  • Wireless LAN’s
  • Microwave Communication Systems
  • Rail yard Video Camera Systems
  • BCP and MCP Wayside Communication Systems
  • Wayside control and communication cable and Optical Fiber networks
  • Electronic scales
Contract Maintenance of Communication and Signals

Contract Maintenance

Comet excels in setting up maintenance programs to handle all types of railroad systems including the following families of equipment:

  • VHF mobile and portable two-way radios. (Over 3000 units)
  • VHF locomotive two-way radios. (1000 units)
  • VHF Base stations. (150 units)
  • Head of train (HOT) maintenance. (500 units)
  • End of train (EOT) maintenance, including periodic FRA calibration. (350 units)
  • Ethernet based Microwave Radio communications sites. ( 50+ sites)
  • Wayside Communications Package (WCP) sites. (100+ sites)
  • Base Communications Package (BCP) Sites. (50 + sites)
  • Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI-AKA: Readers) Sites (150+ sites)
  • Wireless Point-to-point and Broadcast data delivery systems.
  • End user data delivery and terminal support.
  • Telephone VOIP support.
  • Tower lighting.
  • Stand-by AC Power generation.
  • Remote alarm monitoring.
  • Capital Project installation and management.
  • Microwave Communication Systems
  • Handheld, mobile, and base station VHF radios (including consoles and controllers)
  • T1, Fiber and wayside cable networks
  • Telephone and PBX systems
  • Video and Security systems
Signal Repair of Communication and Signal

Repair Services

Some of the equipment repaired includes:

  • EOT (End of train) devices
  • HOT  (Head of train) devices
  • Mobile radio equipment
  • Portable radio equipment
  • Locomotive radio equipment

Comet Communication and Signal can support your wireless network implementation project needs with a full range of technical services. Comet has extensive experience in all aspects of wireless LAN implementation and has a staff of qualified field engineers that can provide their expertise in the following areas:

  • Site Engineering
  • Coverage Analysis
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Equipment Supply
  • Equipment Installation
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