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Comet Electronics LLC M-1003 Certificate

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Research and Development

Comet Electronics is dedicated to continual improvement.  As the industry demand and technology changes so shall Comet to remain competitive and embrace the advances in the industry.

Port Services

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New & Reconditioned Rail Products

Comet Rail has vast assortment of New and Reconditioned Rail Products.

AAR Certified

Comet Industries is proud to showcase our Association of American Railroads Certification for 2013.

Railert ATR

ATR System bridges the gap between a hand-held data recorder and the traditional full featured AEI system

RailNet AEI Reader System

Comet Electronics LLC the leading provider of Automatic Equipment Identification (AEI) equipment

Wireless LAN

Comet C&S can support your wireless network implementation projects with a full range of technical services.

Maintenance Programs

AEI Reader systems provide automated tracking of railcars and shipments via RF tags, and make shipment location information available

Electronics Maintenance

Comet can set up a maintenance programs to maintain your site.  Our in house Radio shop can also handle APU repairs.


Comet offers a mulititude of services and products for the Rail Industry. Contact us today to see how we can help your business!




Comet offers a broad range of electronic repair and installation services to the railroad industry.



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Corporate Office

Comet is conveniently located in North Kansas City at 2301 Burlington North Kansas City, MO 64116. Phone: 816-245-5400.